Hubble Connected Cameras Review

Hello & welcome to the Hubble Connected Cameras Review. Hubble Connected Company is a new platform which specialize in Baby Monitors, and online connectivity products. Hubble Connected is teamed up with Motorola Co with their security cameras. Hubble Connected is not just a “security camera.” These are devices with integrated artificial intelligence that provide tools for monitoring and detecting problems. An idea geared towards children’s care at an early age, “Hubble Connected,” is the software that merges with Motorola devices and its virtues are to be tested in our review.

Once you install the Hubble Connected App in the mobile phone you can control from each of the equipment that the interaction Hubble Connected – Motorola offers to its users. I have listed some awesome features of The Hubble Connected Motorola Smart Nursery Monitor.

  • It has temperature, humidity, motion, and sound notifications
  • It has a timer to keep track of baby’s eating, sleeping, and diaper changing schedule
  • It has sleep movement detection
  • It has two way communication between devices
  • It has excellent gription to place the monitor anywhere in the nursery
  • It has very clear night vision with color display during the day

Alright those are the good things about the Hubble Connected cameras, and after searching the internet on what the people think about them is a 50/50 split. People absolutely praise the Hubble Connected product durability, platform, and it definitely does it’s job for infant security.

The Cons I would say about this company is there is a lot of complaints of Customer Service with deducting payments they weren’t supposed to. Support for the system didn’t get that many complaints, and that end of the customer service are doing their jobs correctly. So for the most part I would say there was more positive reviews than negative reviews for this platform.

My overall rating for Bubble Connected Security Cameras is going to be a B. Good product though.

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