Blink Outdoor Camera Review

  • Product: Blink Outdoor, wireless, weather-resistant HD security camera
  • Price: Was $179.99 but on sale for $99.99
  • Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon
  • Subscription: Yes you need one
  • Guarantee: 1-year limited warranty and service included.
  • My Rating: 4 out of 5

Blink Outdoor Security Camera Features:

This little camera is battery powered and has a lot of technology in it. Don’t judge it by it’s size and don’t let the size fool you. You will be surprised.

  • Camera has WI-FI
  • HD Quality video – HD-1080P
  • Night Vision, so it captures video day and night
  • Two Way Talk, so you can talk to someone on the other side of the camera
  • Motion Detection, so you can set up motion detection zones
  • Connection with Alexa

Blink Outdoor Security Camera Overview

This is the 3rd generation version of the Blink Security Camera system, and of course your anxiously waiting to go running out and grab it, but I think you should wait till you read the review because there are some cons with this camera.

So lets start with the good which is they have an expansion pack to this camera which will extend the battery life to four years from two. These cameras are very unique because and in that uniqueness there is some convenience and there is some down side. Convenience is set up is very easy you put in the two lithium AA batteries and that will have the camera running for about two years. You can have the camera running in like ten minutes with the app. You just need to pay attention to the directions, because you got to scan the codes inside the back of the camera, so pay attention to the directions.

The downside with this camera what I want you to understand is the camera is HD video, but if your trying to capture license plates and or trying to zoom in on something this camera isn’t going to work for you. Also with these cameras are they are motion activated so some of the motions aren’t the right type of motion so you don’t actually get the video so keep that in mind. If your looking for something simple and your just going to have a few around your house they are awesome convenient cameras.

Are you ready to buy the Blink Outdoor?

Next thing I’m going to talk about is how you can buy them. They come in a kit or you can buy them individually which when you buy the kit it comes with a sync module which you need to run the camera because it connects to the WIFI which communicates with the cameras. This is where they fail to communicate that with you the customer. I highly suggest to buy the kit which comes with the sync module you need to run the cameras. If you want to buy them individually your going to need to buy the sync module separate which is hard to find.

My final opinion of the Blink Outdoor Security Camera is…

So here’s the wrap up on the Blink Outdoor Security Camera short and sweet. The camera is affordable, great battery life, easy to set up, reliable, and descent quality video within 30 feet. My cons are is Amazon doesn’t communicate with you up front letting you know about the need for the sync module, and once again it’s not going to catch license plates over 30 feet. My last con would be is The first two generation Blink Security Cameras prided themselves with no subscriptions to use the cameras. The new Blink Outdoor Security Camera is going to make you have a subscription to operate the new cameras which starts at $3.00 a month. Hence those cons I could only do a 4 out of 5 stars for this camera.

Thank you very much for reading our Blink Outdoor security Camera Review, and if you have a question or have your own review please leave your comments below.

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